92% of New Year Resolutions Fail

If you’ve failed your weight loss or healthy eating resolutions, take a different look at what’s really happening with a qualified & registered Nutritional Consultant and do things different. www.whatseatingyou.co.uk

How to go sugar free ….

Snacking on nuts in between meals balanced blood sugar and reduces sugar cravings Having spicy herbal teas after meals such as Pukka’s liquorice and mint or cinnamon can reduce the need for something sweet If you do need something sweet after meals try stewed apples...

Failed already??

New Year is so heavily weighted with change, that we can feel a failure the first time we mess up. So think about this: We are surrounded with temptation so it is impossible to be perfect but get used to saying “no” rather than “yes” to foods you shouldn’t be eating...

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