What’s Eating You Nutrition – Nutri Bullet Smoothies

Chocolate banana smoothie        cup of almond milk or coconut milk 1/3 cup of nut butter such as Meridian Almond butter or Whole earth peanut butter ripe banana ¼ ripe avocado (optional) dessertspoons of raw cocoa powder or carob powder   Vegetable...

Nutri Bullet – should you get one and how to use it

There’s no doubt that eating more fruit and vegetables is healthy but I believe that we should eat our veg and fruit rather than drink them, and here’s why. Unlike a juicer which extracts just the juice of fruits and veg, a Nutri Bullet pulps all the flesh or the veg...

It works ……………….

From my client “I am so shocked, but so happy with my weight loss, thank you so much Sam for helping me and advising me.  I feel much with healthy eating and enjoying it”! Made my day ………………..

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