There’s no doubt that eating more fruit and vegetables is healthy but I believe that we should eat our veg and fruit rather than drink them, and here’s why.

Unlike a juicer which extracts just the juice of fruits and veg, a Nutri Bullet pulps all the flesh or the veg and fruit, which is great because you get the benefit of the fibre. The problem is that drinking pulped vegetables doesn’t taste great, and for those of you who have tried drinking pulped broccoli or kale, you will know what I mean. Because of this most people are using their Bullets for making predominantly fruit smoothies with just a little veg such as spinach leaves thrown in. Drinking 3 or 4 fruits in one go gives you a big hit of fructose which can unbalance blood sugar levels and spike insulin, not good for energy or weight loss especially if you are using it for meal replacement. If you were to eat 3 or 4 fruits in their natural form, the fructose would be released more slowly which in turn in less likely to spike your insulin.

However, for people in a rush or unlikely to eat fruit or vegetables, this can be a good way to increase your vitamins, but I would add in some fat and protein such as avocado, Greek yoghurt, coconut oil, nuts and seeds or nut butter to slow down the release of fructose and balance your blood sugar to keep you fuller for longer.

(For your information I haven’t got one)   Find out more   07767260374 and see my Recipe section for some smoothie ideas

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