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How to do ‘Veganuary’ healthily

    Many people think that they are being healthy having a Vegan January, but if your body isn’t suited to it, or you don’t eat in a balanced way, then you could make yourself ill. Those that have sensitive digestive systems may struggle with lots of pulses and...

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How to stay healthy when reducing meat

There’s a big emphasis on plant based diets and eating less meat, and of course eating more plants, is better for most of us, but unless you make the right swaps, you could end up with deficiencies, and a less healthy diet. The food manufacturers really want to sell...

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Preventing Burnout At Work

 Sometimes people can use the term ‘burnout’ to describe feeling overly tired or when they’re in need of a good holiday. But employee burnout is much more than that. Employee Burnout – spot the signs Employee burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a series of triggers...

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We are what we eat – literally!  Sometimes we are lost in the taste of food or busyness that we forget how our food ‘becomes us’!  We are a culmination of what we have eaten. All proteins (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds, tofu) are broken down into amino...

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Stress – stop it, before it stops you

   In this Western world, high stress levels are increasing.  Feeling stressed is the norm rather than the exception.  Scoring more than 5 / 10 for stress can have a serious effect on your physical or mental health.  On-going low level stress affects our sleep, our...

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