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The Diet Starts Tomorrow

We've all been there - telling ourselves that the diet starts tomorrow, but why do we procrastinate? It feels like life will become restrictive.  No more pizza, ice cream and alcohol? How will I socialise, what will I do when I’m tired after a busy week. No wonder the...

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The Importance of Meal Planning

Are you tired of last minute meal decisions and scrambling to throw a nutritious meal together?  Meal planning is a game changer - here’s why: It saves time and reduces stress.  Writing out your meals once or twice a week allows you to streamline food shopping and...

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Swap Out Sugar for Healthier Alternatives

Are you looking to cut down on your sugar intake without sacrificing rewards and flavour. It’s easier than you think with these simple and delicious sugar swaps: Fruit Parfait:  Layer Greek yoghurt with berries and chia seeds and sprinkle with grated dark chocolate...

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How to do ‘Veganuary’ healthily

    Many people think that they are being healthy having a Vegan January, but if your body isn’t suited to it, or you don’t eat in a balanced way, then you could make yourself ill. Those that have sensitive digestive systems may struggle with lots of pulses and...

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How to stay healthy when reducing meat

There’s a big emphasis on plant based diets and eating less meat, and of course eating more plants, is better for most of us, but unless you make the right swaps, you could end up with deficiencies, and a less healthy diet. The food manufacturers really want to sell...

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