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Long Covid

Long lasting symptoms (more than 3 months) such as fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety and depression, palpitations, joint or muscle pain and ‘brain fog’ following a viral illness. Chest pains and other lingering symptoms could also be the result of lasting damage caused...

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Reduce inflammation and pain

We know about localised inflammation in the body, as we can see redness, a swelling or infection e.g. a splinter or a sprained ankle. But we can also get inflammation in the body that we can’t see, that is systemic.  This can cause low energy, lack of vitality, aches...

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Packages to suit your needs

Packages to suit your needs: How to be a healthy vegan – 3 sessions £150  Understanding nutrients and symptoms of deficiencies (blood tests) Menus, recipes and planning – incorporating other non vegan members of family Vegan cookery   Eat to beat Menopause and...

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Are you gluten or dairy intolerant?

When people suspect they have a food intolerance to wheat for example, they may go to their GP for a blood test.  This test can confirm if you have celiac disease, which is an 'allergy' to gluten.  They don’t test the IgG antibodies which look for food 'intolerances'....

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Food intolerance – test accurately now

Are you struggling with food sensitivities or chronic illness and don’t know where to start. Are you considering a food intolerance test, but not sure which one. I’m delighted to offer a highly comprehensive test that I’ve used on myself to measure immune reactions,...

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Covid Support – during, after and prevention I have been working with many clients over the last 18 months who have Covid or suffered Long Covid, using a great Protocol for both situations, involving supplements, diet and lifestyle.  Book Now With the emphasis on...

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