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Fatigue – Tired – Zero Energy?

Our lives are so fast paced, there are massive expectations of us, however the majority of people could feel better by changes to their diet, plus a few simple adjustments to their lifestyle. Below are the main causes of fatigue: 1. Balanced blood sugar – a diet high...

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Is rest being lazy??

Is rest a thing of the past? Being busy is seen as a badge of honour! Busy people are perceived as being successful, driven, in demand and hard working. Some people feel embarrassed and lazy to say that they have taken a lunch hour or left work on time, and taking a...

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Keeping the pounds off at Christmas

There is no reason why a healthy weight loss plan needs to go out of the window at Christmas, or why you can’t make good choices over the Festive period. Here’s how: Remember it’s just one day, it’s not a reason to pig out for a month At parties, reduce your alcohol –...

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Alcohol Awareness

The more stressed and disconnected we become with our true self and the life we should be living, the more we need to decompress or fill an emotional void.  So it’s no wonder that excessive drinking is a major problem.  But what is excessive?  The government...

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Sleep – I’ve cracked it!!

There are 4 things that make a huge difference to your quality of sleep, and I’ve discovered a fifth that has has finally worked me. The main 4 areas are: - reducing caffeine down to 2 cups before lunch; - avoiding alcohol; -taking magnesium citrate; -eating a carb...

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Stress Awareness

As human beings, we are not designed to cope with long periods of unremitting stress. The stress response is important to help us deal with acute situations, sometimes called ‘fight or flight’, but these should be followed by periods of relaxation and rest. However,...

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No sugar apple and pear cake

Recipe 1 medium peeled grated pear 1 mashed banana 1 chopped apple Half cup raisins Juice of 1 orange and zest ½ teaspoon of ginger 1 teaspoon of cinnamon Add: - quarter cup of melted coconut oil (or butter) - 1 egg Mix well, then stir in: - 2 tablespoons of ground...

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