We’ve all been there – telling ourselves that the diet starts tomorrow, but why do we procrastinate?

It feels like life will become restrictive.  No more pizza, ice cream and alcohol? How will I socialise, what will I do when I’m tired after a busy week. No wonder the idea is postponed

Why do we put it off?

a)   Lack of motivation and willpower

b)   Fear of failure

c)   Unhealthy emotional relationship with food

d)   External factors like social events or stress

e)   Peer pressure

I don’t encourage dieting or calorie counting.  Instead I use dinner plate ratios, appetite gauge and mindful munching to empower you to eat healthily forever, ditching the bad habits and replacing them with good habits, step by step.

How To Eat Healthily For Ever

a)    Plan your food for the week and make a list accordingly

b)   Being prepared and take food with you to work or on days out

c)    Blood sugar balancing by eating more good fats, protein, veg and salads

d)   Understanding food ratios – your plate should be roughly a quarter protein, a quarter complex carbs and half veg or salad

e)    Appetite management and mindful eating – how hungry are you before meals, how full do you get, where do you eat?

f)     Being accountable and consistent whilst still being  kind to yourself with on-going food diaries without judgement, allowing honesty and education, along with regular meetings.

It works!!

It’s never too late to build your best self and become healthy and happy

When working with me, with regular meetings, you’ll understand better food swaps.  Real butter is OK, dark chocolate is a healthy food and potatoes are welcomed.  You will understand your own relationship with food, is it portions, emotional eating or are you too stressed and busy to make the right choices? You’re an individual and I acknowledge this.

I have many many clients who have steadily lost weight and kept it off without depriving themselves. Once they have learnt new habits, they only need a check-in every couple of months to stay on track.

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