New Year is so heavily weighted with change, that we can feel a failure the first time we mess up. So think about this:

  • We are surrounded with temptation so it is impossible to be perfect but get used to saying “no” rather than “yes” to foods you shouldn’t be eating and let this become a lifetime habit.
  • Allow a weekly treat to keep you motivated.
  • If you mess up your eating, adjust the remaining eating for that day or go for a brisk walk or run, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up and eat badly for the rest of the day / week.
  • Keeping your blood sugar balanced by eating more protein and good fats rather than carbohydrates means you are less likely to crave chocolate and cakes.
  • Build an activity you love into your week ideally 3 times – this can be intermittent training which only take 10-15 minutes. It will boost your metabolism and your spirit. Generally move more
  • If you realise that over-eating is connected to emotions, consider my food coaching. Food is only ever a temporary comfort, and afterwards you feel worse than before.
  • Embrace delicious food by making tasty healthy choices e.g. seafood, mango, berries, avocado, asparagus, roasted tomatoes, olives, salmon and trout, humus, brazils and 90% dark chocolate.

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