1. Snacking on nuts in between meals balanced blood sugar and reduces sugar cravings
  2. Having spicy herbal teas after meals such as Pukka’s liquorice and mint or cinnamon can reduce the need for something sweet
  3. If you do need something sweet after meals try stewed apples with seeds or fruit salad with natural yoghurt
  4. Start the day on protein e.g. eggs which will reduce sugar cravings
  5. Make sugar free cakes with vegetables such as carrot and sweet potato – adding some raisins, apples, orange juice and orange zest reduces the need for sugar. Try beetroot and chocolate cakes using cocoa powder and Stevia
  6. Don’t make the mistake of swapping sugar for lots of dried fruit or syrups such as Agave of honey – these are just different forms of concentrated fructose sugar, whereas a little Stevia can be used in baking
  7. When you get sugar cravings, drinking water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar helps diminish them
  8. Watch hidden sugars in ketchups and tinned foods such as soups and beans. Make your own soups; and homemade baked beans (with passata and Worcestershire sauce)
  9. Don’t swap alcohol for sugary drinks, diet drinks or juice. Drink water (you can add mint, lemon, pomegranates or ginger slices), herbal teas plus tea and coffee.
  10. Snack on fresh fruit.


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