1. Kale salad with finely slice raw onion and red cabbage (with oil and apple cider vinegar dressing)
  2. Making my own salsa with peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes
  3. Eating tuna with spring onion in a sweet potato
  4. Eating John Hurd’s Organic watercress (Waitrose) – lasts for ages, tastes really great and is super good for you
  5. Eating from my Able and Cole veg box (love snacking on their carrots and celery)
  6. Loving Able and Cole’s organic British strawberries – bursting with taste and they last
  7. Spiralising organic cucumber with all my salads
  8. Making the most of asparagus (with salmon or with an egg on top)
  9. Eating courgetti with pesto, crab and chilli

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