1. You Need to count calories  – Not all calories are equal 100 calories of sweets will have a very different effect on weight loss to 100 calories of nuts
  2. You must avoid fat
    1. Good fats (oily fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil etc) help keep you satisfied for longer than carbohydrates and are a vital component of a healthy diet
  3. I need to exercise a great deal to lose weight
    1. What you eat has more of an impact than exercise – too much of which can make you hungrier or slow your thyroid
  4. I won’t be able to eat out or go on holiday when dieting
    1. This isn’t a ‘diet’ it is a way of eating for life and for all situations
  5. I don’t want to feel hungry and have cravings
    1. With balanced blood sugar you don’t have uncomfortable hunger pangs or desperate cravings
  6. I don’t have the time for ‘special’ meals and cooking
    1. Foods for weight loss can be ready in a matter of minutes and can incorporate the whole family
  7. Do I have to eat breakfast
    1. You can chose to take breakfast with you for speed; or make a healthy ‘balanced’ smoothie before you go


Let me show you how to make weight loss effortless and successful

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