Many clients come to me after years of yo-yo dieting.  They often still believe that calorie counting works and eating fat is not allowed.  Most have tried a diet and lost weight ……but then gone back to eating in the same way that put weight on ….and so it goes on.  They haven’t changed their way of eating forever.   I teach a healthy way of eating for life without counting calories, and this is based mostly on balancing blood sugar.  When your blood sugar is balanced you have more energy (and so are able to be more active), you avoid food cravings and so are able to make better choices.

The best way to balance your blood sugar is by eating some protein with each meal (ideally meat, eggs or fish, but this can be pulses and seeds for vegetarians); eating some good fats each day (oily fish, coconut oil, cold pressed olive or flax oil, natural nuts and seeds, real butter, avocados),  snacking on protein / fruit and removing refined grains things like white bread, white pasta, white rice, cake, biscuits and crackers.

A day’s example might be eggs on wholegrain toast for breakfast; chicken, avocado and quinoa salad for lunch; salmon with new potatoes and plenty of greens for dinner; fruit as dessert and natural nuts (just a few) as a snack if needed.  If you need a sweet treat try very dark chocolate at 85% + cocoa content (this dark prevents you eating too much) or sweet potato brownies (look under recipe section).

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