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Often what determines my client’s success or failure in losing weight is planning ahead so that you have the right foods available at your finger tips the whole time.  Try implementing these 5 ideas:

1. Write out what you are going to eat a week in advance and only buy what’s on the plan

2. When thinking about your week ahead – factor in if you will be working late, have an evening class, travelling all day or working from home?  You can then adjust the plan with quick stir fries and soups, or longer slow cooked meals, or packed meals to take if you are on the road.

3. Make sure you always have a portion of nuts and a piece of fruit with you, so that you don’t get caught out hungry and end up buying fast food or sweets

4. Cook extra food at your main meal to use for lunch the next day and prepare a healthy lunch the night before.

5. If you aren’t hungry for breakfast or don’t have time, take it with you.  This can be simple snacks such as a banana with nuts,  a porridge snack pot with added seeds or peanut butter on oatcakes.


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