The awareness and rise of ‘Movember’ has allowed men’s health to be more open but there are still health problems experienced my men that are rarely discussed.
1. Mental Health
Suicide is one of the biggest killers of young men, and depression and anxiety are increasingly affecting young and middle aged men. Men are reluctant to talk about this or seek help and often to turn to alcohol. However nutrition and lifestyle changes can make a big impact:
a) Getting some ‘me time’ is really important to balance life – having a discussion about this with your partner is very valuable
b) Swap alcohol for exercise – alcohol is a depressant and more people are drinking large amounts at home. This depletes vital nutrients, impacts on sleep and unbalances your blood sugar increasing depression. Exercise increases endorphins and if carried out with friends increases social interaction
c) Have a protein breakfast and snack on a small handful of natural nuts, this will balance your blood sugar and prevent ‘hangry’
d) Reduce caffeine – lots of coffee or strong coffee served in coffee shops can really increase anxiety – swap for herbal teas, or more water

2. Hormonal problems
Men can be just as affected by hormonal imbalances such as impotence, low sex drive, increased breast tissue, low sperm count, prostate problems and loss of motivation. Many of these are due to low testosterone being converted to oestrogens. Nutrition and supplements can help:
a) taking a probiotic can help with hormonal conversions -unbalanced flora in our body can also cause decreased testicles
b) avoiding environmental oestrogens such as plastic water bottles (use glass), plastic coffee cups, excess dairy (a hormonal product), pesticides (go organic where possible), natural body products. All of these can mimic oestrogens in the body or affect the normal hormonal pathways
c) take Saw Palmetto – a natural herbal extract that helps balance testosterone
d) mobile phones in pockets and laptops – excessive heat and electromagnetic waves have an impact on sperm
e) de-stress – our stress hormone cortisol can unbalance hormones

Improving Men’s Health in 30 Days – This book by Robert Redfern can show you how to find natural relief for a wide variety of male health concerns including prostate conditions, erectile dysfunction and hormone rehabilitation. When following the plan consistently as part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s possible to see improvements in health, often in as little as 30 days. Or see a qualified Nutritionist

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