This time of year when the weather can’t make it’s mind up, I like my salad to have one hot element, just to warm it slightly, and for my tuna salad, I’ve added warm Endame beans (soya beans) bursting with health.

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tuna salad with endame beans

This salad was made with half a can of tuna, salad leaves, a couple of spoons of endame beans, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and a sprinkle of olives.  You can add avocado but it’s optional.  I drizzled olive oil over the tuna, but if your tuna was already  in oil then this isn’t necessary. Serve as it is for lunch or add new potatoes or roasted squash for a main meal.

 What’s good about it?  This meal combines zinc, vitamins A, C and E, low fat protein, good fats and phytooestrogens which have a beneficial effect on hormones.

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