Tumeric is being written about everywhere and is the latest ‘superfood’. Research and studies are now validating its health benefits particularly on the immune system, joint pain and other areas of inflammation. Here’s some ways to use it:

Turmeric hot chocolate 

1 cup whole milk, coconut milk or almond milk

1 tablespoon cacao powder

1 teaspoon honey (or to taste)

¼ teaspoon ground turmeric

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon


In a small saucepan, place the cacao powder and a tablespoon of the cold milk and mix well into a smooth paste.   Add the rest of the milk, honey and spices, mix and then simmer over a medium heat.  Continue to whisk occasionally until the mixture has warmed through.  Enjoy.

Other ways to use tumeric:

  • Add a teaspoon of turmeric to homemade marinades for meat, chicken and fish
  • Add a teaspoon of turmeric to carrot and ginger soup for a warming, healing meal or snack.  Turmeric is best added to olive oil right at the start of the recipe, as the fat will help to enhance the absorption of curcumin.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric to scrambled eggs for a spicy alternative
  • Grate fresh turmeric and ginger into stir fries


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