Today is Stress Awareness Day and the perfect time to look at our stress load.

Because high stress affects our health so negatively these are the best top tips to reduce your stress:

  1. Reduce stimulants such as caffeine and colas which increase your stress hormones
  2. Reduce sugar which also increases your stress, swap for fresh fruit and dark chocolate
  3. Turn off notifications on your devices so that your brain isn’t constantly distracted
  4. Get more sleep by going to bed earlier and avoiding caffeine and alcohol which affect quality sleep
  5. Get out in daylight and fresh air daily. Try and have a walk at lunchtime especially if you are desk bound all day.  This lowers stress hormones, especially being in nature
  6. Try meditation, art, crafts, jigsaws etc stimulate the vagus nerve and lower our sympathetic nervous system, to increase calm
  7. Hug someone you love, which increases our feel good neurotransmitters such as oxytocin
  8. Balance your blood sugar and nutrition with 3 meals per day high in protein, vegetables and good fats, not refined white carbohydrates


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