If you are noticing some level of abnormal fatigue, there’s help here:

  1. Get tested at your GP for Ferratin (iron stores), B12 and Thyroid. Ask what your TSH number is. These tests are baseline, but if you would like to know more about ‘active B12’ and other thyroid markers, along with vitamin D, I can organise a private test
  2. Refined carbohydrates (cereals, bread, pasta, cakes), alcohol and caffeine spike your blood sugar leaving you tired. Eating more proteins, good fats and complex carbs can help
  3. Nutrients for energy, namely Magnesium, B Complex, CoQ10 and iron. If you are low or have poor absorption due to acid suppressants or food intolerances, you may feel tired. I offer a simple urine test looks at how you make and use energy
  4. Poor sleep or not enough sleep. Caffeine, alcohol and blood sugar spikes (see 2.) all affect the quality and length of our sleep.
  5. Being over-stimulated with caffeine or sugar can cause energy crashes. Keep caffeine down to 2 low strength drinks per day, before 2pm and swap sugar for fruit and 80% dark chocolate.
  6. Stress and anxiety. High levels of our stress hormone Cortisol, or even being in Fight or Flight is very exhausting. I offer a simple saliva test to measure Cortisol.

Get help Sam@whatseatingyou.co.uk

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