There are many reasons for feeling tired, some of which are self inflicted, and others which may need medical attention:

  1. Sleep Disorders- These range from insomnia caused by stress or low blood sugar levels, to sleep apnea which causes breathing to stop at short intervals throughout the night.
  2. Balanced blood sugar and going too long without food – many people have long gaps of 7 or 8 hours between lunch and dinner, this can lead to a mid afternoon drop in energy.
  3. The wrong lunch
  4. Stress /Adrenals – if the adrenals are overworked it can result in Chronic Fatigue.
  5. Stimulants – caffeine, sugar and cigarettes hype you up, but relying on them depletes your natural energy reserves.
  6. Supplements – the right supplements can boost your energy and mood
  7. Thyroid problems – underactive thyroid can result in fatigue, common in menopausal women
  8. Diabetes – Extreme fatigue is a sign of type 2 diabetes along with excessive thirst, blurred vision and reoccurring infections.
  9. Anemia – lack of iron
  10. Chronic disease –  inflammation, fatigue and low energy are typical
  11. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) – extreme fatigue and muscle aches that doesn’t improve with rest.

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