1. Homemade Beetroot & mint humus (beetroot, tahini, lemon, olive oil and mint) with raw carrot and celery
  2. Tomato, basil, thyme soup (with coconut milk) eaten chilled
  3. Egg scrambled with onion, pepper, garlic and spinach
  4. Banana smoothie with avocado, chai seed, macca, coconut milk and tahini
  5. Drinking lemon and mint water
  6. Swapping sugar for melon slices or stewed apple
  7. Making my own onion, apple and raisin chutney for BBQs
  8. Snacking on homemade sauerkraut
  9. Adding Chinese lettuce to stir frys
  10. Using spiralised Butternut squash in place of pasta
  11. Drinking Aldi’s cold pressed purple and green juices

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