Supplements are as they suggest to supplement a good diet. Why do we need to supplement if we have a good diet? There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Our soil is depleted of nutrients which is why many farmers are adding chemical fertilisers to make their crops grow
  2. Our food is often picked too early, stored too long and travelled too far to retain its nutrients
  3. We ingest many more toxins from our lifestyle and our medications that interfere with nutrient absorption


The quality of supplements vary greatly – generally the cheaper they are, the less well absorbed they are and with lower amounts of nutrients in them. I personally like Biocare and Nutri Advanced who have research led nutrition that is provided in the right ratios with minerals that can be better absorbed.


We are individual and have individual nutritional needs so one size doesn’t fit all, however:

  • Everyone could benefit from a good Multivitamin /mineral
  • Everyone could benefit from a good probiotic or fermented food (sauerkraut, live yoghurt, kefir). Good bacteria are being shown in studies to be positive for so many areas of the body, not just our gut, but our brains, our joints, our skin. Our good flora is compromised by antibiotics in non organic meat as well as medication, it is compromised by pesticides and stress, which is why I think everyone should continually top theirs up.


Individual needs could depend on factors such as:

  • Highly stressed people need more magnesium
  • Smokers need more vitamin C
  • Those with dark skins or who cover up their skin need more vitamin D
  • Those who train hard need more antioxidants
  • Those with low stomach acid may need HCI and pepsin to absorb their food

This is why is it important to see a registered Nutritional Therapist who can take a full health history and determine, using lab tests if applicable, what your needs are for optimum health. 07767260374

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