We’ve had dry January and if you want to keep up the good work, there is Sugar Free February. It’s easy to see added sugars in sweets, cakes and biscuits, but hidden sugar is added to bread, processed food, sauces and low fat foods. Don’t be tempted to for ‘sugar free’ foods, which have chemical sweeteners added instead.

Try and eat natural foods cooked from scratch using lots of herbs and spices. If you want a sweet hit, try stewed apple with cinnamon, 85% dark chocolate or make your own cakes and sweets using vegetables such as sweet potato.

Try these easy truffles made with dates and coconut:-

Chop about 9 medjool dates into small pieces

Add 2 tablespoon of melted coconut oil.   Add half cup of organic shredded coconut (organic doesn’t contain sulphur dioxide) and a tablespoon of carob or cocoa powder plus large pinch of salt

Place in a blender to mix and form into truffle sized balls, and chilli in the fridge or cook on greased baking tray or on baking parchment for 10 mins at 180

Cool and keep in the fridge

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