1. Eat rainbow of vegetables high in antioxidants.  These boost immunity:
    1. Sweet potato and garlic soup
    2. Roasted beetroot and salmon
    3. Pea and kale soup
    4. Calvo Nero stir fried with peppers
  2. Probiotics – the powerhouse of the immune system.  If you have had antibiotics take a therapeutic capsule such as BioKault (amazon), but if not you can increase your bacteria through live natural yoghurt
  3. Eat garlic – this is naturally antibacterial and antiviral, eat lightly cooked
  4. Reduce stress and sleep more – stress lowers immunity, whereas sleep allow for repair
  5. Gloves when travelling and in busy places.  Most of the bugs are picked up on our hands and passed on when we touch our noses or mouth.  Wearing gloves can eliminate some of these bugs.  I don’t recommend anti-bacterial handwashes which contain high amounts of chemicals that are absorbed into our skin.  Good old fashioned hot water and soap is better.

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