1. Reduce stress – Cortisol our stress hormone if dominating will unbalance other hormones. Sleep more
  2. Don’t eat a low fat diet – fat and cholesterol are important in the manufacture of hormones. Eat good fats from grass fed meat, oily fish, grass fed butter and coconut oil
  3. Increase your good bacteria through supplements of probiotics or fermented foods such as live yoghurt and sauerkraut
  4. Avoid environmental toxins such a plastics, parabens and heavy metals by leading a more natural life. These toxins interfere with hormone receptors
  5. Eat organic – pesticides unbalance hormones
  6. Being either overweight on underweight
  7. Understand that synthetic hormones such as The Pill and HRT do not solve problems, they mask it and further unbalance your natural hormones

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