This generation is the most inactive EVER!  Lack of activity causes a build up of visceral fat (the internal fat you can’t see) which produces inflammation in the body; it also triggers a cascade of diseases including a hormonal shift that impacts on insulin (diabetes), thyroid, and sex hormones (affecting fertility and libido).

Activity in the muscles switches on an enzyme AMPK which encourages us to burn rather than store energy and builds new mitochondria which are key to our energy supply.  Lack of exercise doesn’t rebuild our skeletal system and muscular renewal stops (remember the heart is a big muscle).  This leads to more fat stores, increased inflammation, tiredness and faster aging.

You don’t have to pound the streets or spend hours in the gym.  Resistance exercise also switches on AMPK.  So using your own body weight in positions such as the ‘plank’, squats, and hand held weights is just as beneficial.

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