In my last newsletter I talked about tackling allergies from the inside with good gut flora, anti-inflammatory foods and intestinal support.  As well as this, it’s helpful to reduce your pollen contact when pollen levels are high (check daily pollen guide on weather reports):

  • Keep windows closed when pollen levels are high
  • Don’t hang washing out as it can attract pollen
  • Stay in and don’t go walking through fields
  • Don’t cut your own grass or rake your own leaves
  • Clean your home by dusting with a damp cloth and washing bedding and cushions frequently at high temperatures
  • Get someone else to groom pets who may have pollen on
  • Shower before bed to wash away any pollen or allergens
  • Always wash clothes that may have pollen on
  • Try and get to the beach for holidays which is pollen free rather than woods or camping fields

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