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My food yesterday
8.45 Breakfast: Lemon & Ginger tea
Thick smoothie bowl with avocado, mango and banana with grated coconut on top
12.45 Lunch: – Smoked salmon, new potatoes, celery, radishes and lettuce with oil and lemon dressing. Pear
Pre dinner – half small glass wine
6.45pm Dinner:– Pad Thai (stir fried courgette, spring onion, broccoli, mange tout, beansprouts and red pepper plus garlic, coriander and ginger) with rice noodles and tofu. A handful of vegetable crisps
Slice fresh pineapple
Evening 9pm: cup of Rooibush tea and homemade sweet potato, banana, raisin and coconut cake (sugar and dairy free and GF)
(Plus a few glasses of water)


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