Stress along with sugar are two of the most destructive elements to good health.

Who isn’t stressed these days?  Long working hours, rushed meals, no downtime, financial worries and poor sleep. 

How can nutrition make an impact:


  • Relax when eating to allow digestive juices to flow, this means taking uninterrupted lunch breaks and eating evening meals slowly
  • Eating more protein boosts energy and detoxification
  • Drinking more water boots energy and brain function
  • Reducing caffeine steadies blood sugar and calms the adrenals
  • Reducing alcohol improves the quality of sleep
  • Swapping lunchtime carbs for protein rich salads and soups reduces afternoon sleepiness
  • Swapping sugary snacks for nuts mid afternoon increases clarity, energy and improves mood
  • Eating some raw vegetables and salads improves the good bacteria in our gut which improves our immunity
  • Bright coloured fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants which fight the toxins produced by stress, but ….
  • Don’t overdo the fruit, too much on a stressed stomach will ferment causing bloating

If you don’t think you can reduce stress, you may find ill health leaves you no choice. 

Make the changes now.

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