Movement plays a huge role in immunity, and there is research to show that moderate regular exercise promotes a strong immune system. Immune cells circulate through the body more quickly effectively killing bacteria and viruses, however sitting features so much in modern life and is deemed the ‘new smoking’ so it is important that we move much more. Lockdown and good weather has allowed many of us to walk further and more frequently, and make it a daily habit, but now the rain is here what can we do?

– Chat on the phone whilst walking around the house
– Put music on and dance or learn a line dance on line
– Tackle spring cleaning such as the oven, or the understairs cupboard or tidy up the garage
– Start some DIY such as painting
– Do yoga / pilates at home from YouTube
– Use home weights or indoor mini trampettes in front of the TV
– Join an on line HIT (high intensity training)

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