Some of you may be concerned about what will happen as kids return to school. Prevention is key, so follow these top tips to protect the whole family’s immunity and support Nutrition.
1. Get plenty of quality sleep. This means for parents reducing caffeine and alcohol, and for kids removing stimulants such as devices and bright lights during the evening
2. Taking supplements especially vitamin D3 as we move into the Autumn. Amounts vary from person to person and the Government recommended dose of 400 iu is quite low. Optimal amounts are 1000 – 2000 iu. Other useful supplements are vitamin C and zinc, probiotics and vitamin A. The best food sources of these are bright coloured fruit and vegetables, seafood, fermented food and live yoghurt and liver.
3. I have a children’s range of immune support supplements in an easy to take format suitable from 4 year up.
4. Balance stress by becoming aware of what specifically increases your stress levels? It may be that you aren’t setting enough boundaries or taking enough time for you. Meditation, yoga, listening to music and being creative are fantastic ways of lowering stress, and can benefit the whole family.
5. Get plenty of fresh air and daylight. Moving our bodies and being around nature is a great stress antidote for the whole family Nutrition

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