There is no reason why a healthy weight loss plan needs to go out of the window at Christmas, or why you can’t make good choices over the Festive period. Here’s how:
 Remember it’s just one day, it’s not a reason to pig out for a month
 At parties, reduce your alcohol – it contains empty calories, messes up your blood sugar – making you more hungry, and alters your judgement so you don’t care what you eat . . .until the next day!
 If you are going to a buffet party, eat a small meal before you go e.g chicken salad, mug of soup, or a slice of ham and oatcakes – you will be less inclined to eat the buffet food. Avoid all pastries, food in breadcrumbs, creamy dips, salted nuts and crisps, and don’t go up for seconds
 Don’t buy food you don’t need in the house such as tins of chocolates or biscuits or salted nuts. If they are there put them out of sight
 Treat yourself to a mince pie or piece Xmas cake – but consider it a treat, not one a day. Even better make your own mince pies with sherry soaked raisins and filo pastry, or make a fruit compote with a dash or brandy rather than eat Christmas cake.
 Watch portions and don’t over-stuff. You will feel lighter with more energy.
 Counter calorific meals out with small high protein snacks, and increase your exercise. Get the family out walking or do an exercise video from YouTube
 Whilst natural nuts are a healthy snack, mindless cracking of nuts leads to a significant amount of unwanted calories.
 Many friends and family aren’t supportive of weight loss over Christmas, so it may be easier to explain you are ‘full’ rather than on a diet – they can’t argue with that !


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