I’m feeling that your magic has worked…reading through my original missives I realise that there has been a marked change in my life…my anxiety is at normal levels…my medication is no more…my digestive system is much improved and my weight is much more in my control. Interestingly I ate a piece of chocolate cake last week…not because I wanted it but it was socially difficult…I didn’t enjoy it or crave more and felt it’s effects in a not pleasant way..this reinforced for me how far I’ve come. P.

Thanks to you, my overall level of wellbeing has improved and – even better is consistent!  For example, we had friends to stay this weekend, which from the catering/generally ‘giving out’ point of view, was full-on.  Whereas, before I would have been flagging (also anxious) this wasn’t a concern, the energy levels maintained (from dawn to dusk!).  During the weekend C. read through your handouts, and like several of my friends was inspired: departing with ideas ‘for change’; the ‘ripples’ going far. Wanting to say a heartfelt “thank you” for your blend of knowledge, generosity and kindness. J.

Just wanted to say thank you for another inspiring session , I’m really enjoying my journey and loving the results L X



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