Foods, supplements and lifestyle tips you need to know!

Top Foods
• Garlic
• Onions
• Mushrooms – especially exotic such as Shitake and Oyster
• Berries (frozen or fresh), kiwi and citrus

Reduce sugar and alcohol.

Best Supplements
• Vitamin D3 essential during the winter as it’s our sunshine vitamin. Are you taking the right dose? I recommend 2,000 iu during the winter – most over the counter D Supplements are only 400 iu
• Probiotics capsules such as the ones from
• Zinc 15mg per day (found in seafood and meat)
• Vitamin C (1000mg per day time released). Food is best ideally – citrus, kiwi, berries and pomegranates

• Sleep – are you getting 7-8 hours? What about coffee which impacts on sleep? I recommend no more than 3 caffeinated drinks before 2pm.   Remember alcohol sedates, not promotes quality sleep
• Fresh air and daylight, even in the cold weather try and get a daily dose of fresh air and natural light.
• Move More – we can still keep moving even indoors. There are plenty of free classes on line as well as yoga from YouTube
• Don’t Graze – over-snacking is common but our stomach needs a break from food so 3 meals a day works best. Are you afraid to get hungry?
• How is your Mental health and who are you connecting with? Find ways to connect  with people who make you feel good, and don’t drain you.
• Start a health routine, allowing time to cook from scratch and to move more.

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