Before Kellogs introduced cereal in the 60’s, we mostly had cooked breakfast such as kippers, bacon or eggs maybe with porridge. All cereals are made with highly baked carbohydrate which is converted to glucose, so your breakfast cereal is basically a bowl of sugar. Eating protein and or fat for breakfast leads to slow release energy which keeps you energy and brain stable until lunch.

Here are some of my favourites:
• Gluten free or wholemeal toast with almond nut butter and banana
• Gluten free or wholemeal toast with half mashed avocado, chilli and lime, and tomato plus few pumpkin seeds
• Eggs, smoked salmon and avocado
• 100g Greek yoghurt or 125g coconut milk yoghurt (CoYo) with berries and seeds
• Stewed apple with raisins and cinnamon with thick yoghurt and chopped nuts
• Deli breakfast: tomatoes, olives, cucumber and ham ,feta cheese and boiled egg
• Poached egg with wilted spinach and avocado
• Cottage cheese with slice tomato and avocado
• Egg and banana pancake (1 banana – one or 2 eggs)

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