Here are a few of my favorite de-stressing tips to get you started.

• Meditation – there are plenty of guided ones on YouTube or Headspace app. Just learning to sit quiet and breathe slowly for 10 minutes a day can help.
• Cut down on technology. Have set times for the internet and put on airplane mode an hour before bed
• Journaling thoughts and worries
• Get out in nature – fresh air, natural light and oxygen from plants if very relaxing
• Set boundaries with work, and relationships. Start saying NO
• Listen to calming music such as pan pipes, seashore sounds or classical music – whatever works for you. Listen in the car after a stressful day and around the home
• Have a relaxing bath (without toxic chemical body washes). Add some Epsom Salts and natural lavender oil
• Get more sleep
• Add in Magnesium, B vitamins and lots of Vitamin C (berries, lemons, peppers, pomegranates) as these are all used more during stress
• Balance your blood sugar to stabilize Cortisol and help you stay asleep during the night
• Do the right exercise. Whilst some exercise can be very beneficial when stressed, if you are burnt out, yoga may be best for you
• Get a massage – this can help you to unwind
• Remove stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol which make stress worse

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