Foods to boost the liver and aid weight loss:

  • Beetroots (rich in iron – good for liver)
  • Broccoli and cabbages (high in detoxifying compounds)
  • Leeks and onion (high in sulphur which detoxifies)
  • Garlic – antibacterial to fight bugs
  • Green tea (high in antioxidants)
  • 85%-90% dark chocolate
  • Fresh ginger and chillies – create thermogenisis in the body which aids weight loss
  • Tumeric – high antioxidant and anti inflammatory
  • Sweet potatoes – high in beta carotene – an antioxidant
  • Oranges and lemons (use in hot water or olive oil dressings) increase your vitamin C to boost immunity
  • Dark greens and bright coloured fruits and veg e.g. kale, red onions, red peppers – make use of a local organic veg box (high antioxidants)


What to make:

  • Broccoli and walnut soup with feta cheese
  • Carrot and sweet potato soup with chillies, ginger and garlic and grated orange peel
  • Stuffed squash with pine nuts, quinoa, pomegranates onions and leeks
  • Beef or chestnut stew with turnips and carrots + braised red cabbage
  • Mash potato with added leeks, cabbage, and spring onions
  • Mashed sweet potato with garlic
  • Beetroot cake with dark chocolate and Stevia
  • Kale crisps (rub kale with olive oil and sea salt and bake at 200 for 10 minutes (turning half way through) until crisp but not burnt
  • Stir fry with ginger, chillies, broccoli, soy beans. Make a Chinese sauce with soy sauce or Braggs Aminos and fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Green cabbage braised with bacon, chestnuts and apple

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