Hayfever sufferers may already be experiencing itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose that often increases as we move into summer and pollen levels rise.
Anti-histamines work for some people, but if you want a natural alternative try local honey. High levels of Vitamin C lowers histamine so supplement with 1g of vitamin C taken one to three times a day, and increase vitamin C rich foods such as pomegranates, kiwi, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and cauliflower.
Allergies are often connected to low levels of gut flora, so add in a multi strain probiotic and slowly increase your pre-biotic foods such as garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus and bananas.
Reducing dairy and gluten can be helpful as gluten and lactose intolerance can increase the levels of mucus in airways.
Reduce your pollen load on pollen high days by:
• Keep windows closed when pollen levels are high
• Don’t hang washing out as it can attract pollen
• Stay in and don’t go walking through fields
• Don’t cut your own grass or rake your own leaves
• Clean your home by dusting with a damp cloth and washing bedding and cushions frequently at high temperatures
• Get someone else to groom pets who may have pollen on and wipe down with damp cloth
• Shower before bed to wash away any pollen or allergens
• Always wash clothes that may have pollen on
• Try and get to the beach for holidays which is pollen free rather than woods or camping fields
• Take local honey and reduce wheat and dairy which can encourage mucus
• A low-histamine diet can often reduce the severity of allergy symptoms. Foods high in histamine include fermented foods, aged cheese, citrus fruits, fish, shellfish, and leftover meat. Consider taking quercetin (a natural antihistamine) or diamine oxidase (the enzyme responsible for breakdown of histamine) in supplement form, and use antihistamine herbs like thyme and holy basil in cooking. 1 tsp per day of spirulina has been shown in trials to reduce histamine
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