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• Salmon and pepper and courgette kebabs
• Roast sweet potatoes in foil studded with garlic and herbs
• BBQ giant prawns in their shell – serve with low calorie mayonnaise mixed with crème fraiche
• BBQ mini corn on the cob and serve with sea salt, mint, parsley butter
• Make large green salads with lots of basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and black olives
• Make salsas with mango, red onion and avocado or with basil, mint, anchovies and tomatoes
• Homemade coleslaw with shredded white cabbage, carrot and fennel mixed with natural yoghurt, mayonnaise and Dijon mustard
• Rather than burgers and baps, serve burgers between beef tomatoes with avocado or with humus and salad
• Avoid the crisps and creamy dips and serve raw vegetables with tomato salsa and guacamole
• Use ready cooked brown basmati rice/quinoa and add chopped herbs, flaked almonds, peas and pomegranates
• For dessert pile up fresh strawberries with chopped mint and a dash of balsamic vinegar
• Make mixed melon fruit salad (with dash Pimms) and fresh mint

It is really important that you don’t burn meat as this creates carcinogens (if in doubt start in the oven and finish on BBQ


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