Grass Fed Meat – why is it sooo good?

grass-fed   Grass fed meat is from animals that roam on fields feeding on grass in spring and summer, and in the winter if they aren’t able to get out they are fed on hay (dried grass). You may be thinking isn’t this what all animals do, well no! Most of our meat comes from animals that are fed on grains, corn and maize – most of these grains are genetically modified, heavily sprayed and not a cheap alternative to real grass. This results in meat that is lacking in essential nutrients, good omega 3 fats and minerals especially vitamin K (important for healthy bones) which is made when animals eat grass, and the taste is outstanding. Animals farmed this way often have less antibiotics and see more daylight.

If you want to find out more visit which supports traditional methods of farming and shows you where to buy grassfed meat and raw milk. I personally love in Lambourn for beef and lamb.

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