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The aim is to increase your protein and good fats, and reduce sugary and refined carbs which cause sugar spikes.

Breakfast ideas:

Avoid cereals for breakfast as these don’t keep you full for longer or provide lasting energy to the brain.

Avoid smoothies, juices and fruit and yoghurt as these can spike blood sugar

Avoid excessive caffeine or strong coffee, as this will cause a surge of adrenaline and then a crash (same for fizzy drinks and energy drinks)

Avoid Sweeteners which affect both gut and brain function

Good choices

  1. Eggs in any form on wholegrain toast
  2. Porridge with large spoon of chopped nuts or seeds (no honey or sugar)
  3. Almond butter or no added sugar peanut butter on wholegrain toast
  4. Bacon and eggs
  5. Avocado and smoked salmon on Wholegrain toast
  6. Egg  muffins (see recipe under Recipe section)
  7. Omelette with ham or cheese or mushrooms
  8. Low sugar baked beans (not with sweeteners) on wholegrain toast or with bacon and mushrooms
  9. Breakfast on the run – large handful of natural nuts and a banana and apple
  10. Breakfast on the run – hard boiled eggs with natural nuts, humus and carrot sticks


The right snacks

  1. Apple and banana plus handful small mixed natural nuts
  2. Pear or apple and a mini cheese like Babybel
  3. Celery, carrot, peppers cucumber, cauliflower with mini pot of humus
  4. Hard boiled egg and carrot sticks
  5. Ryvita with nut butter
  6. Ryvita with avocado
  7. Banana and brazil nuts
  8. 85% or 90% dark chocolate (it must be this dark)
  9. Chicken drumstick

Don’t  have  milk chocolate, sweets, crisps or energy drinks as this will give you a blood sugar rise and then crash and interfere with concentration.  If there is no option for something healthy then crisps are better than sweets.)

Overdosing on caffeine can make you jittery and unable to concentrate

A balanced lunch with protein and fat and no sugar e.g.

  • Jacket potato with baked beans and cheese/ or tuna mayo /or humus
  • Cooked meats with vegetables
  • Omelette and salad and new potatoes
  • Tofu stir fry with brown rice
  • Mixed bean salad with humus
  • Prepared superfood salad – available from most supermarkets

Try to avoid bread as it can make you sleepy, the same goes for cakes and biscuits.

Remember your water .  A dehydrated brain won’t work!!!

Find out more – www.whatseatingyou.co.uk

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