Our lives are so fast paced, there are massive expectations of us, however the majority of people could feel better by changes to their diet, plus a few simple adjustments to their lifestyle.

Below are the main causes of fatigue:

1. Balanced blood sugar – a diet high in refined carbohydrates & sugar can affect your blood sugar levels giving you energy highs and lows.
2. Stimulants – caffeine, sugar hype you up, but relying on them depletes your natural energy reserves.
3. Sleep apnea, stimulants, alcohol and lack of relaxation interferes with sleep / wake cycles leaving you unrefreshed.
4. The wrong lunch –a lunch high in carbohydrates can cause afternoon sleepiness
5. Too much stress can increase cortisol levels which impact on blood sugar and immunity.
6. Get iron levels and B12 checked at the GP. Anaemia can cause tiredness. B12 works best subliquinally or via injection
7. Thyroid – an underactive thyroid causes a sluggish metabolism and tiredness. A TSH reading of more than 2.5 needs nutritional support
8. ME / Chronic Fatigue – when the body has undergone prolonged physical or emotional stress, it shuts down. ME or Chronic Fatigue is a cry for help from your body.
9. Is the heart pumping well, are the blood vessels clogged, is respiration and oxygen delivery good?
10. Recharge & relax – Rest is something we do if we have time when everything else is complete. If you don’t make time to relax, your body won’t cope and you will feel fatigued and become physically or mentally ill.

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