Cardio problems, poor circulation and impotence are often due to a build up of fats, cholesterol and waste in the arteries called plaque.  This begins when the inner layer of the artery becomes damaged causing inflammation.  In response the body makes excess cholesterol which actually helps repair.  If this inflammation continues and plaque builds up, then the blood flow is reduced and there is increased pressure.  If the blood vessel ruptures, then a clot can travel to the heart or brain causing a heart attack or stroke. 

Damage and inflammation is caused by smoking, high sugar and refined carbohydrates, stress, excess alcohol, damaged fats such as fried foods, and high fat foods such as pies, takeaways, chips and cheese.

Prevention is by exercise and diet.  Exercising for 40 minutes per day can lower sugar, cholesterol and blood sugar, and exercise is great for high stress.  You also need to quit smoking, reduce alcohol to within the recommended weekly limits, with at some alcohol free days;  and increase your vegetables and salads, garlic, essential fats found in oily fish and flaxseeds.

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