Chronic fatigue and energy depletion protect us and slow us down.

Demand should not exceed energy availability if it does there is likely to be depression, stress and physical effects.

If demand is less than energy available there is vitality and happiness

2/3 of energy is used in maintaining the body, the rest should be mental and physical needs, however the immune system uses loads of energy if there is inflammation (e.g. allergies) and disease

Mitochondria = energy of the body  

Thyroid = speed of the body

Adrenals = demands of the body

Diet and gut function allow nutrients to mitochondria

Sleep allows repair and healing of mitochondria


  1. Diet deficient in nutrients or poor absorption due to a fermenting gut. Depleted minerals from our soil means less nutrients in plants and therefore nutrient deficient meat
  2. Blocked by toxins and heavy metals
  3. In appropriate pacing (including lack of sleep). People override their need for rest
  4. Daily Stress and continual high Cortisol
  5. Emotional distress or traumas

How to restore energy – A Summary

  1. Stone age diet
  2. Gut work to address gut issues
  3. Energy targeted Supplements
  4. Pacing and rest
  5. Removal of Toxins
  6. Increased sleep – Go to bed earlier so that you don’t need an alarm clock to wake
  7. Stress – analyse and remove what stresses you


Work with Sam to fully address ways to increase your energy


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