• Exercising first thing on an empty stomach is great for fat burning. 
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  • If you’ve eaten a large meal you will need to wait around 3 hours before exercising.  Intense exercise slows down your digestion, you could get stomach cramps or diarrohea
  • Eating a sugary snack before exercising will give you energy for short endurance, but the resulting sugar drop won’t sustain energy and will actually make you more tired during more sustained exercise
  • Ideal  foods for sustained energy contain some carb and protein to release energy slowly e.g. oatcakes and cottage cheese, fruit and nuts, banana and peanut butter
  • If you want to replenish the glycogen (energy stores) in your muscles post workout, then you need to eat some protein and carbs within 90 minutes of exercising e.g. Ham or tuna,salad sandwich, banana milk shake or thick yoghurt and museli

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