Glucose Monitoring devices are a great way to find out how the foods you eat affect your blood sugar.  When blood sugar runs high it can lead to diabetes, and in the short term can cause energy dips, cravings and weight gain, so understanding how blood sugar works and what to eat is an important foundation for long term health.  Blood sugar also has an impact on our sleep and our heart health so this is important.

The Glucose monitors attach easily and painlessly for 2 weeks.  During this time you can see via an Appl on your phone, what your glucose levels are and how they go up / down after certain foods.  Whilst it gives you real time measurements, the idea is to look for trends to see overall when your high sugar (or low sugar) is regularly happening.

This should be used in conjunction with a trained Nutritionist, such as myself, who understands both blood sugar, the graphs and information produced.

On the App you record all your foods, so we see exactly how you certain foods affect you, as everyone has difference reactions to the same foods.  I can also monitor your app as the graphs are shared,  and explain the trends.

After weeks 1 and 2 we have a meeting on video or face to face, to discuss the findings.  I will then show you what food swaps to make, lifestyle changes, and how to eat in a healthier way to maintain more balanced blood sugar.


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