I heard recently that a Doctor at a Berkshire slimming clinic has been given a formal warning after prescribing diet pills, without fully checking the person’s health.  In a different story, the owners of one London clinic were jailed for marketing multi vitamins costing less than £3 as diet pills and selling them for £55 per jar!

It’s not surprising that many people look to this way of losing weight, after all many promise ‘rapid weight loss’ and most people don’t think they have the time or the willpower to do it alone.

 If you search the internet you’ll find hundreds of clinics offering pills that either suppress your appetite or prevent the absorption of fat, and whilst both of these can contribute to weight loss, they often come at price. Side effects include:

  • palpitations and erractic heart beat
  • dry mouth
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • diarrhoea (or bowel leakage – nice!)

…………….. to name a few!  For some people these effects can be severe!

Losing weight takes planning and understanding.  Working with a Nutritional Consultant can help you understand that it’s not just how much you eat, but what and when.  Having someone monitor you on a one to one basis gives added willpower, and eating the right snacks so that you don’t get hungry is one of the key features.

If weight is lost too fast, then the metabolism will compensate by conserving energy and slowing the body down, weight loss then slows and motivation slumps.  The most successful weight loss plan is a gradual one that includes all your vital nutrients to give you energy, doesn’t alter your metabolism, compliments your digestive system and fits into your daily life.

Miracle diets, are often just that!!

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