When you think of a detox do you image a week of spinach juices and popping lots of pills.  Sounds like hard work doesn’t it.

The body will detox itself with some help, and that means taking things back to basics with food and lifestyle. Eating and living like this will support the liver and bowel to do their job. Here are the principals for a week’s detox:

1. Eat only natural unprocessed food, nothing from a tin or a packet

2. Take out sugar and have fruit and a little raw honey (but don’t overdo either – certainly not fruit juice)

3. Take out grains and eat vegetables and sweet potatoes instead ensuring you have a minimum of 5 vegetables / salads and 2 fruits per day, especially broccoli, onion and garlic

4. Take out caffeine and have herbal teas, green tea and lots of water but reduce caffeine slowly to minimise withdrawla.

5. Minimise dairy to just a little goats cheese and real butter

6. Snack on natural nuts and seeds

7. Eat organic meat, eggs and wild fish

8. Plenty of cold pressed oils (flax, coconut, olive) – these will keep you satisfied in the absence of carbs

9. Definitely no alcohol!

Example diet:

Breakfast – eggs and vegetables; or fruit with nuts and seeds

Lunch – Mixed salad lemon and oil dressing plus avocado and salmon and seeds; followed by fruit

Afternoon snack – nuts

Evening meal – Chicken stir fry or slow cooked lamb with root vegetables

Evening dessert – fresh dates


Two supplements that brilliant for detoxification are spirulina or chlorella – these draw out toxins especially metal in the body; and Glutathione which is the major amino acid that supports the liver


a) Saunas to draw out impurities through the skin.  If you can’t do this, dry brush the skin with a body brush or rough flannell and then sit in an espsom hot bath

b) Rebounding – this is a mini trampoline which helps move lymph around the body, alternatively star jumps!

c) only put natural product on your body and use natural cleaners around the home

d) De stress – stress will hinder digestion and increase inflammation.  Try meditation, yoga, walking in nature and natural music and sounds that promote deep relaxation



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