Many people believe that severe stress can turn hair white overnight.  Actually it is more likely that cellular stress rather than emotional stress causes changes that interfere with melanin, the pigment that colours hair and skin (although emotional stress will also affect cells).

How does cellular stress occur?  As we age, there is more DNA damage caused by chemicals and ultra violet light which impact on the pigment cells, until there are insufficient cells to maintain the colour in our hair.  The result being a change to grey.  Our DNA is influenced by genetics so it is also very likely that some people are programmed to produce less pigment cells.

The other factor is the enzyme ‘catalase’ which breaks down hydrogen peroxide that occurs naturally in the body (yes hydrogen peroxide is produced naturally in the body as a result of breaking down toxins!).  As we age and / or become less healthy, the amount of catalase is reduced allowing the hydrogen peroxide to affect the hair colour.

So protect your hair from the sun and keep your body as natural and healthy as possible reducing the amount of chemicals in, on and around your body.


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