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Being healthy isn’t ………

  1. Eating lots of fruit (fructose is a sugar which is you have too much upsets blood sugar balance and insulin)
  2. Avoiding fat – this is a marketing ploy designed to get us to eat their low fat foods which are generally more sugary.  We need fat to satisfy us and give us lasting energy.  Essential fats are necessary for cell flexibility, hormones and healthy brain function
  3. Avoiding all carbs – complex carbs made with wholegrains such as pulses, rice and quinoa are helpful for binding to excess cholesterol and hormones, as well as helping move waste through the body
  4. Diet drinks and “light foods” – artificial sweeteners interfere with hormones and encourage sweet cravings.  Studies show they interfere with weight loss
  5. Having diet cereals such as Special K which convert to glucose too quickly
  6. Missing meals to lose weight

 Being healthy is …… 

  1. Eating good amounts of protein e.g. eggs and fish
  2. Eating red meat once a week such as lamb or game
  3. Eating eggs for breakfast
  4. Eating 5 portions of vegetables or salad per day
  5. Cooking with healthy fats such as coconut oil, and using olive oil on salads
  6. Real butter in moderate amounts, it is better than margarine or low fat spreads
  7. Full fat milk – skimmed milk has less fat which helps transport calcium into our bones and more milk sugar (but moderate amounts)
  8. Nuts to snack on – you don’t need more than 6-10 natural nuts, which is just enough to keep you going if there is a long gap, say between lunch and dinner.  They are easy to transport and rich in minerals, protein and fibre
  9. Treats – we all need something sweet or salty once in a while, just have a little.  Have a treat when you’re not over-hungry otherwise you could end up eating more than you need
  10. Regular balanced GI meals for weight loss, which prevents cravings and excessive hunger

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