Ideas for Autumn

– Liver with onions and mushrooms, broccoli and cajun spiced sweet potatoes
– Lamb chops with garlic and roasted carrots plus kale and green beans
– Venison sausages with sweet potato and celeriac mash with chard
– Pheasant / chicken / beef slow cooked in red wine and tomato sauce with thyme and garlic plus cauliflower mash and kale
– Salmon with roasted beetroot and artichokes served on sweet potato mash
– Halibut with lemon served on crushed new potatoes, broccoli and peas with basil
– Tinned mackerel with rocket, orange slices and lentils (lunch)
– Roasted beet with marinated peppers, walnuts and goats cheese (lunch)
– Stewed apples with raisins and cinnamon
– Steak with blackberry sauce and homemade thyme potato wedges and roasted peppers
– Mussels with curried coconut milk on cauliflower mash and spring onion mash

Autumn seasonal foods:  
Vegetables: Kale Swede Jerusalem artichokes Brussels Sprouts Celeriac Celery Chicory Chard Cabbage Parsnips Salsify
Fruit & Nuts: Chestnuts Crab apples Damsons Sloes Walnuts Quince
Fabulous foraging: Blackberries Elderberries Rose Hips Mushrooms
Meat: Game poultry Duck Goose Rabbit Pheasant Venison Pasture-raised beef & pork
Fish: Mussels Oysters

Why eat game?

• More active lifestyle means the meat is a good source of lean protein and has a naturally lower fat content.
• Naturally diverse and grass-based diet results in a higher omega 3 fatty acid content.
• Good source of minerals, including iron, selenium and zinc.
• Free from hormones, antibiotics and growth factors.
• Good for the countryside and environment.
• Caution with game which have been shot as may contain lead


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