With 1 in 9 men at risk of prostate cancer , what can you do to prevent it?

According to a recent study from the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, heavy drinkers are twice as likely to be diagnosed with high grade prostate cancer. Heavy drinking is defined as more than 3 pints of strong beer in one session or regularly drinking more than 1.5 pints of beer per day.

What else is a risk factor:

  1. Age – prostate cancer increases for those aged over 65
  2. Having a close relative with prostate cancer
  3. Poor diet, particularly high in processed meat, refined grains  (white flour products) and bad fats (such as takeaways, pies and chips)
  4. Exercise, is generally beneficial for preventing cancer
  5. Vitamin D deficiency or excess is a risk factor
  6. Cadnium is a known risk for prostate, found in cigarette smoke and certain factory manufacturing plastics, pigments, metal coatings and batteries
  7. Certain environmental substances disrupt our hormone and metabolic systems, interfering with thyroid or fat storage.  Household cleaning products, plastic water bottles, pesticides and personal care products often contain hormone disrupters


How to lower your risk

  1. Eat more cooked tomatoes – the antioxidant lycopene is cancer preventative.  Eat 5 portions of vegetables per day
  2. Avoid pesticides and external oestrogens by eating organic, reducing calcium and limiting exposure to plastics such as ready meals in microwaves
  3. Avoid processed meats and transfats
  4. Eat more brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds which are high in selenium, zinc and good fats
  5. Get your vitamin D levels checked and supplement if necessary
  6. Reduce alcohol
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  7. Stop smoking

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