These are becoming increasingly common with clients complaining of being low in energy and / or suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety and panic attacks are caused by surges of adrenalin as a result of physical (physiological) responses in the body or to perceived ideas (psychological) within the brain.


This can be due to:

– hypoglycaemia when blood sugar drops too far which triggers adrenaline to release sugar from the liver

– lack of good gut flora (as a result of antibiotics or poor diet) which has an effect on the brain as the brain / gut contain the same tissue

– hormonal imbalance either low thyroid or adrenal stress or oestrogen imbalance

– lack of nutrients especially magnesium (depleted by alcohol and contraceptive pill) and B vitamins which are calming; amino acids (proteins) which support neurotransmitters

– poor sleep patterns


This can be due to:

–         Past history of stressful events

–         Fast paced life with no down time

–         Constant technological stimulation and internet pressures (emails / facebook / twitter)

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